Server Features


XP x100

SP x100

Adena x500

Drop Items x1

Normal Enchant Weapon 100% on +4 and descending

Blessed Enchant Weapon 100 on +4 and descending

Normal Enchant Armor 100% on +4 and descending

Blessed Enchant Armor 100 on +4 and descending

Custom Features

Custom Locations (DVC,Cave of Trials,Abandoned Coal Mines,Ant Nest,School of Dark Arts)

Custom Mobs

Custom Drops

Custom Armors(Special A-Grades) ~Comming soon

Custom Weapons(Hero/Greater Hero/Royal Hero)

Custom Tattoos(Right Tattoo/Greater Right Tattoo/Royal Right Tattoo)

Custom Demons Tattoos(Basic/Greater/Royal)

Custom Stats (High stats with balanced gameplay)

Unique Gameplay

Unique PvPs. (Balanced PVPs even with the high stats)Features

Class Changer (1st,2nd,3rd class free)

NPC Buffer With 3rd Class Buffs

Buffs Duration 10 Hours

Buff Slots Limited to 36

Interlude Skills Working 99%

Main Town Giran

Custom Noblesse Quest

Olympiad Period 1 Week

Sieges Every Week

Boxes are limited to 9 per account

Bot Protection

Smooth Geodata

Useful Tips *

Support Classes (Hierophant,Sword Muse,Spectral Dancer) have higher level buffs than NPC Buffers and they can sell buffs with command (.sellbuffs) for profit.AIO buffers have a bit more boosted buff than Support Classes

Tank classes (Paladin,Evas Templar,Shilien Saint) are needed for farm,raid bosses and pvps/sieges

Spoilers can make materials faster with spoil on every custom zone of our server